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Selwood House Wellness Plan

The Selwood House Wellness Plan is now available!!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Selwood House Wellness Plan! Members of the Wellness Plan can spread the cost of their pet’s preventative healthcare over 12 months to help with budgeting. The Plan covers vaccinations and parasite prevention. Apart from spreading these costs over 12 months, the Plan has also been designed to ensure the total cost is lower than the individual upfront prices, so that members enjoy a discount of at least $40 on these preventative costs. Members can also access a range of additional perks, such as a 6-month vet health check, 2 nail clips at the Hub, a nutrition consult, blood screening and dental discounts, worth up to a combined value of $395!

How does it work?
The Wellness Plan needs to be set up in clinic, either at the time of vaccination, or when your next parasite treatment is due, or simply by dropping into the clinic at a convenient time to process the application. After filling in the application form and making the first monthly payment at the time, you set up a standing order for the remaining 11 monthly payments. To help you keep up to date with included parasite prevention, Selwood sends you an automatic reminder to collect the treatments from the clinic as and when they are due. Before the end of the 12 months, you are sent a reminder asking whether you would like to have the Plan re-issued for the next year’s preventative healthcare.

Which preventatives does it include?


  • For dogs the annual Kennel Cough and, if due, C3 (together C5)
  • For cats F3 or F4 (plus a discount on FIV vaccination if required)

Parasite control:

  • Dog owners can choose either: i) Bravecto, Proheart injection & Fenpral or ii) Nexgard Spectra and Fenpral.
  • Cat owners receive Bravecto Plus & Profender (both spot on products - so no tablets required!)


  • For dogs: $33-$49/month for 12 months (depending on weight and parasite control selected)
  • For cats under 8kg: $27/month for 12 months (contact us if your cat tips the scales over 8kg).

The total cost includes a minimum discount of $40 and clients can save up to $395 depending on which optional perks are utilised.

Any Questions?
Please give us a call at the clinic on 4758 8990 or pop in to have a chat with us about any further questions you may have, or to sign up to start enjoying the discounts and benefits!