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Clinic case of the Month

Parker's Leg Fractures!

Parker is a gorgeous 2 year old Cavoodle who presented at Selwood House Vet Hospital after being involved in an altercation with another dog. Parker was left with severe injuries that resulted in him being unable to use his back legs.

His first day in hospital he was sedated for radiographs and it was discovered that he had fractures in both his back legs: his right hind leg had a calcaneal fracture and his left hind leg a fibula fracture as well as a dislocated tarsus.

The owners requested Selwood House Vet hospital to attempt surgical correction, despite the surgical challenges and the risks such as infection from the bite wounds, dysfunctional and non-healing hocks and the guarded prognosis for a return to full mobility.

The surgery team, led by Dr Lynn Mathison and assisted by Dr Lawrence Baker, took over 3 hours and involved placing several pins and surgical wires to stabilise Parker’s fractured ankles. The team concluded with final radiographs to ensure the Vets were happy with the outcome. Parker’s surgery was successful! He was woken up slowly with strong pain relief including a methadone drip to keep him calm and as comfortable as possible.

Less than 24 hours later Parker was already starting to weight bear on his back legs and was enjoying gentle walks in the Selwood gardens with our doting nurses. The team was happy that Parker was ready to go home to his family and his discharge was booked for that afternoon!

Parker still visits the clinic regularly for his splints to be monitored and redressed, and while he still has a long road to recovery, we are pleased to report that he has making excellent progress and is more agile with each visit.